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pSLC Industrial Secure Digital 3.0 card

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Author : Alpha
Update time : 2022-05-13 11:06:14
The Secure Digital (SD) card version 3.0 is fully compliant to the specification released by SD Card
Association. The Command List supports [Part 1 Physical Layer Specification Ver3.01 Final] definitions.
Card Capacity of Non-secure Area, Secure Area Supports [Part 3 Security Specification Ver3.00 Final]
The SD 3.0 card comes with 9-pin interface, designed to operate at a maximum operating frequency
of 100MHz. It can alternate communication protocol between the SD mode and SPI mode. It performs
data error detection and correction with very low power consumption. Its capacity could reach 64GB
with FAT32 SDXC.
Industrial Secure Digital 3.0 card is one of the most popular cards today based on its high
performance, good reliability and wide compatibility. Not to mention that it’s well adapted for hand-held
applications in semi-industrial/medical markets already. Moreover, with customized firmware technique,
Industrial 8210 SD 3.0 can be configured with pSLC SD Mode and presents outstanding
performance along with better P/E cycles.

Pseudo SLC
Pseudo SLC can be considered as an extended version of MLC. While MLC contains fast and slow pages,
pSLC only applies fast pages for programming. The concept of pSLC is demonstrated in the two tables
below. The first and second bits of a memory cell represent a fast and slow page respectively, as shown in
3the left table. Since only fast pages are programmed when applying pSLC, the bits highlighted in red are
used, as shown in the right table. Accordingly, because only fast pages are programmed, pSLC provides
better performance and endurance than MLC. Moreover, pSLC performs similarly with SLC, yet pSLC is
more cost-effective.