Data Duplication / Preloading services for flash memory

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Data Duplication / Preloading services for flash memory

Need to distribute PowerPoint presentations, product catalogues, PDF brochures, pictures, software, company websites, music demos, videos (promotional, educational, movies demos etc.) or any other type of data to your employees, customers, prospects, students...?
No problem, we can duplicate and preload your data to popular mediums such as SD, CF cards and USB Drives as well as other types of flash memory.

How does it work?
Simply add to cart the Data Duplication / Preloading services from the offering below and then add equal number of SD, CF Cards or USB Drives. When you place the order you will get order confirmation email - simply reply and attach your data as ZIP file if it is less than 10MB. 
For data more than 10MB you can provide us with link to download from your cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.) – Please have data in ZIP format.
Alternatively you can mail us your data on a CD, DVD or USB Flash Drive. Our email address is:

Please Note: You must combine Data Duplication / Preloading services with SD card, CF Card or USB Drive purchase - you cannot purchase this  on its own.
Tip – do not worry about quantity as you can adjust it once you have everything in your shopping cart.