Factory Change micro Sd Card Cid for Toyota Navigation Sd Card
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Factory Change micro Sd Card Cid for Toyota Navigation Sd Card

18 years Professional factory,Change Sd Card Cid Custom Sd Card Cid changeable Micro sd card 2gb,4gb,8gb,16gb,32gb for navigator sd card ; TOYOTA,LEXUS,SUBALU,Mazda,Mercedes,AUDI,BMW cid Micro sd card navigation cid For gps navi Mercedes Benz volkswagen R
Description How to Change Sd Card CID? Custom case CID Register

Factory Change micro Sd Card Cid for Toyota Navigation Sd Card

Customized Micro sd card Change Write CID number micro sd card 8gb 16gb 32gb
Custom Service  

1.  Custom CID/CSD sd card according to your request ,

2.  Just give us the CID number and we can do the same as per your demand;

3.  SD card print your Logo(Please provide the orginal logo picture)
4.  SD card Retail package with your logo design for your Brand

5.  Your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.

6.  Our products will be 100% test before shipping by our QC.

7.  Good after-sale service offered, please send us feedbacks if you have any question.

8.  The warranty is 1 years .

SD card CID available to be customized for installing the: 
Mazda NAVI 900 , Suzuki
Renault R-link 10.05 Mercedes TOYOTA
Opel Navi900 2018-2019 Volkswagen Nissan Connect 3
Opel T&C 2018 Volkswagen rns315 Nissan Connect 1 V8

Is the SD Card CID number you need below?
Compatible to: Car GPS Navigator, pos machine,  printer
015041525031364723FCB52D28012671 16gb Mazda
5d5342303030384712593bc80b0114c1 32gb Nissan
5d53423030303447126b4bf509010b00 33gb Nissan
015041525031364723e24367d9011b00 8gb Mazda
09415041462053440219d1e014012100   Renault R-link 10.05
09415041462053440210564cd9011900 16GB  
5d5342303030384712750a9db9011700 8GB Nissan Connect 1 V8
5d53423030313647129f0d7837011b00 16GB Opel Navi900 2018-2019
5d53424e32424d310129c7320e010a00   Opel T&C 2018 micro sd
5d5342303030384712c88d8e1a011a00  8GB Ford MFD
5d53423030303847128cf11696011a00 8GB Ford MCA
5d5342303031364712d0c8a42f011400   suzuki
1b534d464341414120ac5a065500fa00 16gb TOYOTA
5d5342303030384712960304d7011400 8GB Nissan Connect 3
5d53424c32424d31019abf05dc010900   NAVI 900 ,
744a605344432020023d566f85011500 32gb  
744a605344432020023d56b2b7011500 32GB Mercedes
035344535330384780845b190b010900   mazda
09415041462053440210564cd9011900 16gb volkswagen
1b534d3030303030100baf552e010b01   Volkswagen rns315
1b534d3030303030102d9655d2010900 32gb ford f6

How to Change the Sd Card CID?
一、Change by yourself?  It's difficult and expensive.
      Because special equipment and software and professional technology are needed.

二、the steps are the following:
      1) pls sent your Sd Card Cid to us,
      2) we will check it.
      3) Settings are initialized through the factory.

三、Contact our professionals:
        Or fill in the following Review form:

This is our SD card sticker which cooperates with some automobile brands.
Please refer to:


CID Register
The Card Identification (CID) register is 128 bits wide. It contains the card identification information used during the card identification phase. Every individual Read/Write (RW) card shall have a unique identification number. The structure of the CID register is defined in the following paragraphs:
Name Field Width CID-slice
Manufacturer ID MID 8 [127:120]
OEM/Application ID OID 16 [119:104]
Product name PNM 40 [103:64]
Product revision PRV 8 [63:56]
Product serial number PSN 32 [55:24]
Reserved -- 4 [23:20]
Manufacturing date MDT 12 [19:8]
CRC7 checksum CRC 7 [7:1]
Not used, always 1 - 1 [0:0]
Table 2: The CID Fields
  1. MID
Binary number of 8-bit that identifies the manufacturer of the card. The MID number is controlled, defined, and allocated to a SD Memory Card manufacturer by the SD-3C, LLC. This procedure is established to ensure uniqueness of the CID register.
  1. OID
A 2-character ASCII string that identifies the card OEM and/or the card contents (when used as a distribution media either on ROM or FLASH cards). The OID number is controlled, defined, and allocated to a SD Memory Card manufacturer by the SD-3C, LLC. This procedure is established to ensure uniqueness of the CID register.
Note: SD-3C, LLC licenses companies that wish to manufacture and/or sell SD Memory Cards, including but not limited to flash memory, ROM, OTP, RAM, and SDIO Combo Cards SD-3C, LLC is a limited liability company established by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd., SanDisk Corporation and Toshiba Corporation.
  1. PNM
The product name is a string, 5-character ASCII string.
  1. PRV
The product revision is composed of two Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) digits, four bits each, representing an
“n.m” revision number. The “n” is the most significant nibble and “m” is the least significant nibble As an example, the PRV binary value field for product revision “6.2” will be: 0110 0010b
  1. PSN
The Serial Number is 32bits of binary number.
  1. MDT
The manufacturing date is composed of two hexadecimal digits; one is 8 bits representing the years(y) and the other is 4bits representing the month (m).
  1. CRC
CRC7 checksum (7 bits). This is the checksum of the CID contents computed as described in SD Specification.